Sara Mesa

Nutritionist, fitness coach, and entrepreneur turned media personality, Sara Mesa, is here to captivate us with her healthy lifestyle and effortlessly chic style.

Initially gracing our screens with her appearance on Married At First Sight Australia, the Colombian-born beauty has embraced life down under for nearly a decade, making the vibrant Eastern Suburbs of Sydney her home.

With over five years of experience as a certified nutrition and fitness coach, Sara empowers women to reach their health and fitness aspirations. She co-founded online coaching service, The Fit and Hungry Girls, where she works closely with her clients to achieve their goals and transform their lives. 

Beyond her holistic wellness advice, Sara’s content showcases her fiery personality, enviable wardrobe, and glimpses into her everyday adventures. Unafraid to share her world authentically, Sara invites viewers to experience her life up close and personal.

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