Meet Mia and Tatiana, Australia’s youngest influencers, and the dynamic sister duo whose social media journey has taken the country by storm. With Instagram content revolving around their shared love for fashion, creativity, and sisterly camaraderie, their channel is curated by their mum who began documenting the girls’ enviable looks on social media.

Renowned for their mix and match fashion coordinates, Mia and Tatiana seamlessly combine vibrant colours with playful accessories, along with chic muted tones and designer touches. Their ability to blend fashion with genuine sisterly affection has not only captivated viewers, they have established themselves as leading figures in the realm of digital fashion. The family’s unique approach to fashion and authentic connection has resonated with audiences who adore their cool aesthetic and creative edits. Well-known for their seamless transition Reels, their videos often hit over 1M views. As they continue to collaborate with leading brands, Mia and Tatiana are shaping the future of fashion and entertainment on social media, leaving behind a legacy of joy, creativity, and sisterhood that will endure for years to come.

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