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Katherine Denton

Diamonds, chic dressing and daily rituals are all hallmarks of MAXCONNECTORS influencer, Katherine Denton’s, aspirational yet authentic TikTok content.

Traversing the realms of living, fashion, beauty and food, this gemmologist is a cut above when it comes to collating glossy TikTok vignettes of style. Balancing the high life with raw and unfiltered catchups in her bathroom mirror, Katherine always ensures to keep things real while running her own fine jewellery line - KDJ.

A mix of vlog-style videos and crafted outfit compilations has captivated a growing audience of like-minded, working professional women (who love to indulge). Keeping her onlookers informed on the best workwear wardrobe, hydrating under-eye patches and the best date night spots in Melbourne are just a few of the ways Katherine’s passion for a well-dressed life manifests on screen.

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